"Brickyard showed up when other companies couldn't/wouldn't. Not bashing those companies, but those are the facts. Brickyard got me out of an ice hill jamb with my trailer attached with no damage. Unbelievable service by an operator named Justin. Thanks man."
Jeremy Clous
"I needed roadside assistance. The driver, Lane arrived within minutes. I was on the road within 20 minutes of my initial phone call to AAA. Lane was friendly and courteous. I could not be more happy with my service."
Sofia Warren
"So my day was going great until my car had to be moved. After finessing with AAA and other towing services, you guys came when nobody else would and were friendly & fast. I will definatly be using your services again. Thank you Tim and the Brickyard crew."
Dakota Scott Cutler
"Great experience. Other towing companies were less than pleasing. Use Brickyard every time."
Bud Lewis
"Great Service! They came out in less than an hour today to help me get my vehicle towed to town. Their driver, Justin Cooper, is very helpful, kind, and courteous I have their phone number saved in my contacts in my phone. They will be the first tow truck company to call when I need assistance. Thank you again!"
Lisa Clement
"Doug with Brickyard Towing was very helpful and experienced while recovering my vehicle from a difficult situation. My truck went off the road, hit a tree and was wedged between two trees. He took the time and effort to get the truck out of the ditch without any further damage. In fact, he assisted in pulling the bumper away from the tire so I could drive it home. He was very professional and detail oriented. I have a new respect for his profession. He spent over an hour in rain, sleet and cold temperatures removing the truck. A big thank you to Doug for helping me out. I would definitely recommend this company and ask for Doug!"
Rhonda Neverth
"Hands down the best experience we've ever had with a tow service. Tripp, you are a wonderful man and have a great sense of humor and a huge heart! I would gladly recommend this business to anyone in need."
Sherry Ann Otto
"Tim was great, helped us with my son’s car quickly and professionally and with an upbeat attitude."
Chad DeBolt
"Today I had an angel in disguise help me get unstuck from a snow and ice covered parking lot. I was stuck with a sleeping toddler, no phone and no one around to help. Then he showed up to drop off a car. I asked if he had a minute to help me and he said yes. He took time out of his schedule to help pull me out and helped make sure I didn't get stuck again. Thank you for your wonderful help and attitude!"
Brittany Tracey
"Fast, dependable, affordable, and really nice. Thanks Tim!"
Tamera Bannatyne
"We had an amazing experience with two drivers from Brickyard Towing today. These guys did everything they could to help free us from a field of treacherous mud. They went so far above and beyond in a situation that was “impossible.” They somehow managed not only to free us, but to do so without making us feel like the idiots we appeared to be."
Jacqueline Baker
"Got stranded after a 16 hour work day. Brickyard shows up within a half hour of me calling my insurance! Awesome end to a potentially crappy night. Thanks so much!"
Nancy Beeman
"I got my car stuck in the snow today after sliding off the road (that was more of a skating rink). They got to me so quickly and pulled me out, taking care to minimize harm from the trees that surrounded my car. Efficient, friendly and very inexpensive. Couldn't ask for better!"
Claire Alexander
"Shane came by, quickly and happily unlocked my car and gave me a jump-start to recharge the dead battery. Glad to have brickyard there to help."
MacKenzie Bradlau
"These guys are top notch to say the least. Fast, friendly, and state of the art equipment. A pleasure to do business with! #BrickyardTowing FTW!"
Michael Farrell
"I sent him to the wrong address, I was late getting back to my car (from work), and leaked oil on his truck. I get tired of all the "Mercenaries" around the car industry, but Tim is just a humble guy working hard for his family. Interesting to talk with, very good experience."
David Kalthoff
"Great towing service! My guy went the extra mile to help me get my heavy truck on his flatbed when the transmission wouldn't even allow me to get out of park. Highly recommended."
Dave James Rush
"Huge thank you to Jeremy for breaking into my truck he was a pleasure to deal with!"
Matthew Lewis
"I do believe Tim is the guys name that helped me today, he was great! Got me and my Jetta home safe in under an hour!"
Amanda Sue
"A Huge THANK YOU to Tim at Brickyard Towing... I can’t thank you enough for helping us today and making a terrible situation better. You are an asset to the company. 😀"
Paula Boik Hagen

*Some Content Edited For Clarity