Looking for affordable towing in Traverse City? You’ve come to the right place. Brickyard Towing provides affordable towing in Traverse City and nearby areas.

Our extensive knowledge ensures that any time you find yourself stuck on the side of the road in need of assistance or in need of a tow, you’re taken care of. We service all sorts of vehicles – cars, trucks, SUV’s, motorcycles and many, many more— All at your premier towing company, Brickyard Towing, affordable towing in Traverse City.

Here’s some of the ways that Brickyard can help:

  • Light Duty Towing – Towing of light-duty vehicles including cars, pickup trucks, motorcycles and others.
  • Flat Bed Service – Flat Bed Transportation provides a solution to get your vehicles from one place to another even if the wheels aren’t turning.
  • Off-Road Recovery – Our trucks are equipped with the proper tools to get your vehicles out of the ditch and back on the other side of the guardrail.
  • Flat Tire – Hit that pot hole or ran over a nail we have the equipment to safely and quickly change that tire to your spare and get you back under way.
  • Out of Gas – Ran out of gas on the side of the road and no way to get filled back up? Give Brickyard Towing a call. We’ll come out and get you back up and running on the road.
  • Jump Starts – Whenever you’re stuck without jumper cables or another vehicle to help you out, we have a solution for that too!
  • Lock Outs – We’ve all had those moments where we’re in a hurry and accidentally lock our keys in the car. You don’t need to fiddle with the coat hanger anymore. We have the proper tools to get you in again.

Next time you find yourself in a bind, call Brickyard Towing, an affordable towing company in Traverse City. Mention this post and receive a 10% discount on top of our already competitive rates.

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