Towing your car yourself can cause major damage to your vehicle if done incorrectly. Before attempting it yourself, follow these steps to learn how to tow a car properly. Or call somebody that knows how to tow a car.

These steps are to help you to learn how to tow a car. We are not responsible for any damage or injury that may incur during this process.

  1. Find a vehicle that is powerful enough to tow yours. It is recommended that this vehicle be a large truck or SUV with 4-wheel drive. If your own large truck or SUV is stuck, you should consider calling Brickyard Towing to help you out using their heavy duty towing trucks.
  2. Acquire a strong tow strap. A chain can be used if you’re only towing short distances, but this can be dangerous on longer trips as chain links do not stretch and can break while on the road. It is recommended that you use a nylon or polyester strap with tow-specific end loops.
  3. Possibly the most important step is to find a suitable place to attach your tow strap. Do not attach your tow strap to any suspension components or other flat metal components that might cut your strap. Look around for a sturdy rounded frame member or front bumper support to use for your attachment.
  4. Inspect your towing connections and make sure you have clear signals with your towing driver.
  5. Put the vehicle being towed in neutral and make sure the parking brake is off.
  6. Have the towing driver take up any slack in the towing strap before attempting to pull. If this slack isn’t taken up, it has serious potential to ‘yank’ off a part of one of the vehicles or break the strap or chain.
  7. When the driver has taken up all the slack, release the foot brake in the vehicle that is being towed and have the towing driver take off in a straight path.
  8. If you have to pull your car long distances, make sure that the towing driver signals you well before any brakes or turns so that a collision doesn’t occur.

If you don’t feel comfortable towing yourself, Brickyard Towing knows how to tow a car so that you don’t have to.

When you need roadside assistance of any kind, Brickyard Towing can help.

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