If you’re searching for a tow truck company in Traverse City, chances are that you’re not necessarily excited about your prospects. And why would you be? No one gets excited about needing to tow their car — in fact, our customers are generally disgruntled, frustrated, or exasperated when they call. That’s why we hope you’ll consider these five reasons to call Brickyard Towing for all of your towing needs:

  • Experience: Brickyard Towing has been a tow truck company in Traverse City for 14 years. We’ve developed a highly-skilled, exceptional workforce that provides the top notch service that you’ve come to expect from Brickyard. Whether on the road or in the impound, our experience has allowed us to to build a stellar reputation for the Traverse City area.
  • Reliability: Brickyard never misses a beat! We’re speedy and efficient, ready at a moment’s notice whether you need us in the middle of the night or on Sunday. Our 24/7 service hours ensures our customers are receiving the services they need as soon as they need them. No reason to leave your car parked on the side of the road overnight! We’ll get you back on the road in a pinch.
  • Variety: Brickyard has a wide range of skills and abilities that make it your go-to tow truck company in Traverse City. Whether your car is stuck in a ditch, out of gas, or experiencing a dead battery, we can help. Our services include light duty towing, flatbed towing, and more.
  • Accessibility: Knowing the lay of the land across the greater Grand Traverse area makes Brickyard’s job that much easier. We can ensure prompt and efficient service regardless of when you call us. You can also get in touch with us in a wide variety of ways: phone, web, Facebook, or through our apps available for iPhone and Android. No matter your location or your communication preference, you can count on us!
  • Service: There’s a reason why Downtown Traverse City counts on us for all their towing needs! Our professional and friendly service is always coupled with clean and functional vehicles that make Brickyard Towing the trusted tow truck company in Traverse City. Plus, we offer competitive rates that make your towing experience an affordable one.

So there you have it! Five clear reasons why Brickyard Towing should always be your trusted tow truck company in Traverse City and beyond. Call today!

231-947-TOWS (8697)

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