Hoping to ‘find my towed car?’ Chances are, Brickyard Towing can help. As one of Traverse City’s most reputable towing companies, Brickyard Towing is trusted by businesses and families across northern Michigan to maintain state mandated towing and parking laws.
Under the Michigan Public Service Commission Motor Carrier Act, police and government agencies are authorized to provide for immediate removal of a vehicle from public or private property to a place of safekeeping. You can often find your towed car in Traverse City at Brickyard Towing, where storage fees are only $30 per day.

Within 24 hours after authorizing the removal of a parked car, the Michigan police agency must enter the vehicle into the law enforcement information network as abandoned and notify the Secretary of State. They can help you ‘find my towed car’ by sending you notification regarding the location of the vehicle, the procedure to redeem the vehicle, and the procedure to contest the abandonment of the vehicle. Once you’ve received the notification, you can call us directly to inquire about finding your towed car.

​If you want to ‘find my towed car,’ call Brickyard Towing at 231-947-TOWS to see if we can help. Our speedy, efficient service, clean trucks and friendly staff are ready to help get you back on the road in no time.

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